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Stressing out on the Eagle FordShale Play Geology.

Average daily production per well among the top 20 Eagle Ford producers is 2,580 Mcfe. Shale thickness of the more organic-rich lower Eagle Ford, the primary target, is generally <200 ft, whereas that in the more calcareous, upper unit is <480 ft Fig. 2. Exploration and production is. The focus of this blog post is the influence of stress on the Eagle Ford Shale Play in the Gulf Coast Basin. By using a few data points from the suite of data offerings from Drillinginfo, as well as some open source data taken from the geoscience community, some quick and.

31/08/2015 · The Drillinginfo Eagle Ford Play Assessment is an ongoing dynamic study of the Geology of the play area that is released every four months. Currently the assessment contains 6,567 wells in the project, and of these wells 2,582 contain stratigraphic picks. Eagle Ford Shale Geology. The Eagle Ford Shale is a geological formation directly beneath the Austin Chalk formation. It is considered to be the “source rock”, or the original source of hydrocarbons that are contained in the Austin Chalk and the Edwards formation above it. Eagle Ford shale also clay. Recognized in Texas, western Louisiana, and southeastern Oklahoma. In most early reports the name Eagle Ford clay was used to include Bonham clay and Blossom sand of present [ca. 1938] nomenclature, but it is now restricted to the beds beneath Ector tongue of Austin chalk. What makes this shale play different is that it produces oil, condensate, gas and finally drier gas as drilling proceeds down dip. The Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale crops out near the town of Eagle Ford, Texas incorporated into Dallas in 1956 and dips steadily south to over 4,500m deep along the flanks of the San Marcos arch. Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Facies of the Eagle Ford Shale Cretaceous between the Maverick Basin and the San Marcos Arch, Texas, USA John A. Breyer1, Richard Denne2, Jonathan Funk2, Tobi Kosanke2, and Joan Spaw2.

The ratio of maximum to minimum UCS measurements for Boryeong shale was about 2.6, and that for Eagle Ford shale was about 11. The maximum UCS was found to occur when the loading direction was parallel to bedding, whereas the minimum occurred when the samples failed along bedding [10, 16]. Regional Stratigraphic and Rock Characteristics of Eagle Ford Shale in Its Play Area: Maverick Basin to East Texas Basin Tucker F. Hentz1 and Stephen C. Ruppel1. Search and Discovery Article 10325 2011 Posted May 31, 2011 Adapted from oral presentation at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, April 10-13, 2011.

Recent updates to the Energy Information Administration's maps and geologic information for the Eagle Ford tight oil and shale gas play in Texas help to characterize the formation's structure, thickness, and surface area, as well as the gas-to-oil ratio of its producing wells from January 2000 to June 2014. 28/10/2014 · The Eagle Ford Formation also called the Eagle Ford Shale is a sedimentary rock formation from the Late Cretaceous age underlying much of South Texas in the United States, consisting of organic matter-rich fossiliferous marine shale. It derives its name from the old community of Eagle Ford where outcrops of the Eagle Ford Shale. Oil Fields from Space at Night. This satellite image was compiled by NASA; the annotations, caption, and inset map were produced by. Return to Top. Eagle Ford Shale of Texas: The Eagle Ford Shale of Texas is a crescent-shaped area of drilling activity north.

Eagle Ford Geology. The Eagle Ford formed in the Late Cretaceous from 82 to 97 million years ago. At this time there was a marine transgression, a point in time where the sea level rises relative to land. The transgression led to the formation of the Western Interior Seaway, a shallow ocean which extended from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of. North America Robison, 1997. Both the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Shale contain a noticeable amount of mica and clay. Dysaerobic to oxic depositional settings seem to be more characteristic of the Austin Chalk than the Eagle Ford shale because oxic environments do not favor the preservation of organic matter Robison, 1997. is commonly used in hydraulic fracturing treatments in the Eagle Ford shale. The heterogeneity of the Eagle Ford shale is addressed by obtaining conductivity samples in two different directions with respect to the bedding plane for the five geological facies. Three directions were obtained for facies B. Eagle Ford is divided into two census tracts, 106.01 and 106.02, by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes. As of the census of 2000, there were 8,103 people, 1,964 households, and 1,719 families residing within the neighborhood. Eagle Ford Shale due to high percentage of smectite. 3.2. Atterberg limits Table 1 summarizes Atterberg limits data for the Eagle Ford Shale. The data are plotted on a Casa-grande plasticity chart in Fig. 1. Most of the data plot above the A-line and below the U-line. The Eagle Ford Shale has a.

Production from shale oil in the United States has helped contribute to a glut in world oil supply that led to a precipitous drop in oil prices beginning in the summer of 2014. As prices fell from over $100 per barrel in July 2014, to less than $30 per barrel in January 2016, production from the Eagle Ford. This study provides a petrophysical and geological analysis of 210 Eagle Ford wells that allows insight into the connectivity of textural attributes of the wells with NULOOK Shale Vision and NUVIEW 3D Reservoir Vision. Also available to coincide with the study is a GeoTextural rock properties log that depicts the brittleness of the formation.

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